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It's finally here...senior picture session time! Here you will find some tips for your session.

1) Clothes- Solid color clothes are best. Try to avoid stripes, plaids or busy patterns. These will put the focus on your clothes instead of you. Bring as many outfits as you like. If you are getting a lower priced package, we will pick and choose. Check out senior session and pricing to help you choose the session type that fits your needs. Your session retainer will be used toward your senior order as long as you pay for your order at your ordering session 10-14 days after your session *and* you meet your minimum order based on your session.  For the Extreme package we will do lots of changes! I've had seniors bring as few as one outfit or as many as a whole large suitcase! Just make sure they are clean and pressed, if needed. Wrinkles do show!  Be sure to bring at least one outfit that mom really likes and one that you love. Jewelry is fine, but again nothing hugely distracting. Also, don't forget undergarments, belts, shoes, socks (although I do a lot of stuff barefoot) or some of the details that go with the different outfits you bring. Darker colors look better with the dark tree backgrounds, lighter and denim or dressy look better on the porches. Long sleeves typically photograph better than tanks or short sleeves. You are welcome to bring a wide variety of styles from dressy to casual. Remember, that to tight or to loose clothing will make you look bigger, as well lighter colored pants will make you appear larger. Now, with all that being said.. ..if you have an outfit/jewelry that breaks all these rules, but you really love....bring it! I've seen some really fun photos with polka dots, large jewelry, and other so called "distracting" things.Don't forget fun hats, scarves or sunglasses too!

2) Make up and nails- For both guys and girls, your nails will show in a lot of shots. For guys make sure your nails are clean, neat and trimmed. For girls, the same, or a fresh manicure. Don't forget your toes for those barefoot shots! Guys, chapstick is great for those sometimes dry and cracked lips. Girls, make up  is highly encouraged. Even if it is just a bit of  mascara, light base or powder, blush and lip gloss. No need to overdo your make up, be careful of dark eyeliner. Lip gloss darker than your natural lip color photographs better than lighter than you lip color. Lighter just makes your lips disappear. If you have it, bring some  face powder or blotters. Many days it is very hot when we are photographing. Even  if you start with perfect make up or have dry skin, it can get sweaty or oily looking half way through. A touch of powder will erase those shiny spots.

3) Hair - For guys a haircut a week or two before will have you looking great the day of your shoot. Be sure to watch those tan lines if you get quite a bit of hair cut off or usually wear a hat outside. Girls, wear your hair as you normally would. Be sure to bring a brush for those flyaways, and maybe a little spray for those bangs that keep falling. If you would like to do some shots with straight hair, and some with curly, or some with your hair up and some down.  I'm open for that, if you can make the change quickly. Just bring your curling iron,  rollers, and hair ties.

4) Sun-Please avoid too much sun before your session, if you are sunburnt we will need to reschedule. Girls please be aware that swimsuit tan lines will show in strapless shirts and will NOT be retouched.

5) Props - Letter jacket? Musical instrument? Uniform? Sports equipment? Medals? Trophies? Hats? Scraves? Fur lined hoods? Prom dresses? Sunglasses? Cars? Motorcycles? Whatever you want to bring that shows a little bit more about you and your interests. Bring whatever you want! Better to have it and not use it, other than to wish you'd brought something. Just remember the "all your stuff or sports pose" require a minimum purchase of at least 24 wallets or a 5x7, along with $20 set up fee at the time of your session.

6) A friend,  sister, or mom .... whomever you want to bring. It makes it more fun and they provide a second set of eyes to watch for wrinkles in clothes, necklaces turned around, hairs out of place and to help hold some of the equipment. Just remember no more than one person in the camera room . Please leave young siblings at home so we can concentrate on YOU!

7)Proofs will be shown online at our proofing site . Your proofs  shown on this site, will be low resolution and unsuitable for printing. If you are choosing the Extreme Session you will receive a proofbook with wallet sized images in it as well.

8) Check out the proofing site for backgrounds to match yout clothing with. Please bring a white,cream, tan or khaki shirt or blouse as well for our natural window light area.

Again check out senior pricing and session fees to help you choose the session type that fits your needs. Your session retainer will be used toward your senior order as long as you pay for your order at your ordering session 10-14 days after your session *and* you meet your minimum order based on your session.